Nautical Beach Party
200 guests were invited to sail away on a party to celebrate the birthday of one little sailor boy. We found the perfect venue - Tanjong Beach Club, and Invites went out as messages in glass bottles. On arrival, guests put on sailor hats and wielded telescopes for polaroids taken at the photobooth. Inside, a long buffet table was entirely covered with edible (and very delicious) sand, and piled with nautical cupcakes, crab, fish and octopus icing cookies, and a lighthouse centrepiece. Lunch included brown paper bags of fish and truffle chips and calamari. Friends of the birthday boy had heaps of fun in the sailboat pool and crab-shaped sandpit, ate ice cream from the live handmade ice-cream parlour, and hit a crab pinata. They went home with either a bucket of sandtoys or their very own pet fish.

Noah's Ark Party
This sweet little Noah's Ark- themed baby shower featured a dessert table with a Noah's Ark centrepiece, a Valrhona chocolate and buttercream cake with a fondant ark, and an assortment of animals looking eagerly at the buffet spread. 


Vintage Carnival Party
As featured in Harpers Bazaar Junior
We chose a vintage carnival theme for this baby full-month party. We decorated the dessert table with vintage toys, streamers and bunting, and carnival stripes, and catered a buffet of Windowsill pies, popcorn and candyfloss, biscuit lollies and cookies featuring circus bears, vintage glass jars of Banoffee pudding and bottles of Guiness-chocolate milkshake.  There was a live crepe station, and lemonade stand.  A vintage popcorn machine filled red-and-white striped cups with fresh popcorn, and a vintage-styled ice cream station served Laurent Bernard Chocolatier ice creams in flavours like lavendar and salted caramel. Party favours were carnival biscuits on a stick, or a real live fish in a jar, much like a goldfish one might win at a carnival.

Tiaras and Tutus Party
This baby shower was organised to welcome a little princess to the world, so tiaras graced the table, and layers of tulle dressed the table, lit by fairy lights. Guests were adorned with strings of pearls and tiaras on their heads, as they enjoyed this elegant and lighthearted tea party.